Monday, August 11, 2008

Travel in Greece - List of regrets

On looking back there are some regrets during my trip in Greece, things that I should have done but did not get to do, whether by choice or by circumstances. Here they are, not in any particular order.

1. Sunset in Santorini - could not stay longer since we had to get back to the cruise ship before sunset time.
2. Acropolis at night - did not venture out at night, probably tired after a whole day of visiting. Also hotel a bit far from the Acropolis and did not have a roof top view.
3. Ancient Olympia - planned to visit but because it is a bit out of the way, could not fit in. Lack of time, really.
4. Ancient Corinth - this is in another separate tour, skipped because it means visiting Corinth Canal again; also lack of time.
5. Night view from the cruise ship; starry, starry night - not sure why never made it. Probably after dinner, there are other entertainment on board and once that is over, wants to get into bed.
6. Buy pistachio from Oia, Santorini - it says everywhere that pistachio at Aegina is the best but I found the samples given out at Oia to be better (albeit more expensive). Maybe it's just personal taste.
7. Sample more local food - maybe to better taverns are a bit far from the hotel and did not want to venture out too far at night.
8. Taken more photos - this is partly because I did not buy a spare battery for my Lumix TZ18 so had to slow down so that the battery can last the whole day before it is recharged at night.

So for all of you who are planning a trip to Greece, you can ponder the above and avoid these misses if you have the same interests. Still, despite these misses, Greece is still a great place for your holidays. Enjoy.

Ronald Kwok