Monday, July 21, 2008

Athens, Greece - Home Sweet Home

Today is my last day in Athens. After a very leisurely breakfast, we went to the Central Market down the road and saw a gruesome display of animal parts. And Greeks must be nuts about nuts, there's plenty on view and pretty costly too. Since our flight out of Athens was in the afternoon, we had time to walk the shops around Omonia. While at one of the Zara shops, I had an interesting conversation with the security guard there. He proudly informed me that he would be getting married on Monday to an American girl and will be having two days off. All the while, he was watching shoppers that were moving in and out of the store with his searching eyes.
After this last minute shopping, we went back to the hotel to wait for our taxi that was to take us to the airport. It came before the appointed time and with a heavy heart, we left the Baby Grand that was our second home in Greece and headed for the airport. As usual, there was the final shopping at the duty free shops in the airport. The flight out of Athens was uneventful. Our transit was at Bahrain and there we met up with our two lady friends who went to Cyprus and the ladies exchange stories. From there we headed back to Home Sweet Home.

Below are the list of the 10 best and worst during my travel in Greece, in my opinion.
1. Best island to visit - Santorini
2. Best historical site - Delphi
3. Best food eaten - roast lamb in Mycenae
4. Best fruit buy - cherries at 1.8 euro/kg (here I saw it selling at RM50/kg!!) and strawberry at 1 euro/kg
5. Best pistachio - Oia in Santorini, not in Aegina.
6. Most exciting experience - close encounter with pickpockets
7. Most regretted - unable to watch the sunset in Santorini
8. Most dislike - soaring temperature at 40 C
9. Most friendly Greek met - George, the old gentleman in Athens
10. Most unfriendly Greek met - tour guide to Mycenae

Ronald Kwok

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